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    Changes to support SANE on ZETA. Not all · 6c3427c5
    Henning Geinitz authored
    	  patches have been applied yet, but it's a start. The backends
    	  are not installed as shared libs but as add-ons, which are shared libs
    	  but in a specific folder in [/system|~]/config/add-ons/ named SANE/.
    	  The install target has been changed to account for this,
    	  Some files don't exist in BeOS/ZETA (ipc.h, ...).
    	  Bbackend function names get a prefix, I suppose to avoid namespace clashes.
    	  Though we do have a libdl to implement dl_open, the native way is prefered.
    	  Added a --with-docdir= configure arg.
    	  BeOS has a broken get[name|addr]info() from bind. This is fixed in ZETA R1.
    	  libtool needs -no-undefined. Various VPATH fixes.
    	  Check for <be/drivers/USB_scanner.h>, but not used yet.
    	  No S_IFSOCK (sockets are fds to /dev/net/api). Stub pio code, untested.
    	  Patch from Francois Revol <revol@free.fr>.
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