• adds a ricoh2 backend
  • adds support for 40+ new scanner models
  • significantly changes canon_dr, fujitsu, genesys, gt68xx, hp5590 and, pixma backends
  • fixes bugs in as6e, avision, mustek and plustek backends
  • fixes scores of compiler warnings


  • adds, changes and removes options for saned (see man 8 saned for details)
    • adds: -l (listen), -D (daemonize), -o (once), -e (stderr), -u (user)
    • removes: -s (syslog). Use -a -d level -o -f for the old behavior
    • changes: -d (debug). Use -a -d level -o -f -e for the old behavior
  • saned now cancels scans if the data connections appears to have gone away (after 4 seconds by default, configurable in saned.conf)
  • adds --output-file option to scanimage
  • adds --help option to scan-find-scanner
  • changes sane-desc to create relative hyperlinks


  • adds translations for Catalan, Hebrew and Valencian
  • updates translations for British English, Dutch, German and Ukrainian
  • marks unmaintained backends as such
  • documents USB workaround in sane-usb manual page


  • requires a C++11 compatible compiler for the genesys backend
  • requires a JPEG library when building the pixma backend
  • fixes unneeded linking when not using preloadable backend support
  • disables pthread support for systems with non-integral pthread_t type
  • fixes USB support detection on BeOS and OS/2 at ./configure time
  • normalizes trailing whitespace in source code files. If you have local patches that no longer apply, have a look at the whitespace ignoring options of patch and git apply.