A command line Twitch.TV browser. Available in Ruby and GoLang flavors! Fat free, all natural, organic, and gluten free!

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watchtwitch: Command Line Twitch TV Browser

watchtwitch in action


Browse and watch Twitch.TV without a browser!

  • Full command line interface
  • Look at top games
  • Search for games
  • Search for streams in your language
  • Choose a custom stream quality
  • Supports audio-only streams
  • Watch streams in your media player of choice
  • No need for livestreamer or streamlink (but a fallback mode is provided, just in case)


For the default menu, just run watchtwitch, it should work on all platforms where GoLang is supported (its a huge list, your OS is most likely supported, don't worry).

If you don't want to go through the menu each time, just use flags! A list is provided below. Using flags automatically disables the menu interface.


-a, -audio-only - Use this flag if you would like an audio-only stream.
-f, -fallback - Use this to use streamlink instead of the default stream-finder.
-g, -game - The name of the game you would like to search for. This must be exact. (default "Dota 2")
-l, -language - The short acronym of the language you prefer for your streams to be in. (default "en")
-p, -player - The program you would like to view the stream with. (default "mpv")
-q, -quality - The quality of the stream you would like to view. Available qualities (in order of quality) are: "source", "high", "medium", "low", "mobile", or "audio" (default "source")
-s, -search - Use this flag to search for a game.
-sm, -step-menu - Use this flag to activate the step-through menu, this is enabled by default.
-t, -topgames - Use this flag to show the top games on Twitch.
-v, -version - Show the application version and exit.

Binary Downloads

You can find the most recent builds on my blog (Look for watchtwitch).


This program uses Sematic Versioning 2.0.0. The current version is 5.0.0.


This code is MIT Licensed. Use it however you want.