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gpo: Fix root cert import when NDES is not available

Seems that I broke this myself 🙈 apologies...

As of 8231eaf8, the NDES feature is no longer required on Windows, as cert auto-enroll can use the certificate from the LDAP request.

However, 157335ee changed the implementation to convert the LDAP certificate to base64 due to it failing to cleanly convert to a string.

Because of insufficient test coverage I missed handling the part where NDES is disabled or not reachable and the LDAP certificate was imported. The call to load_der_x509_certificate now fails with an error because it expects binary data, yet it receives a base64 encoded string.

This should either be wrapped in certificate blocks and imported as PEM, or converted back to binary and imported as DER. For the fix, I've opted for the latter since it's how it used to work before it regressed in 157335ee.


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