Commit c804f260 authored by Stefan Metzmacher's avatar Stefan Metzmacher
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tdb: version 1.3.15

* Add protection against EINTR.
* Truncate the file after expand failure, ENOSPC
* Use posix_fallocate() to expand the file
* Fix GCC compiler warnings
Signed-off-by: Stefan Metzmacher's avatarStefan Metzmacher <>
Reviewed-by: VL's avatarVolker Lendecke <>

Autobuild-User(master): Stefan Metzmacher <>
Autobuild-Date(master): Thu Aug 24 21:17:48 CEST 2017 on sn-devel-144
parent 6d7681c7
tdb_add_flags: void (struct tdb_context *, unsigned int)
tdb_append: int (struct tdb_context *, TDB_DATA, TDB_DATA)
tdb_chainlock: int (struct tdb_context *, TDB_DATA)
tdb_chainlock_mark: int (struct tdb_context *, TDB_DATA)
tdb_chainlock_nonblock: int (struct tdb_context *, TDB_DATA)
tdb_chainlock_read: int (struct tdb_context *, TDB_DATA)
tdb_chainlock_read_nonblock: int (struct tdb_context *, TDB_DATA)
tdb_chainlock_unmark: int (struct tdb_context *, TDB_DATA)
tdb_chainunlock: int (struct tdb_context *, TDB_DATA)
tdb_chainunlock_read: int (struct tdb_context *, TDB_DATA)
tdb_check: int (struct tdb_context *, int (*)(TDB_DATA, TDB_DATA, void *), void *)
tdb_close: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_delete: int (struct tdb_context *, TDB_DATA)
tdb_dump_all: void (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_enable_seqnum: void (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_error: enum TDB_ERROR (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_errorstr: const char *(struct tdb_context *)
tdb_exists: int (struct tdb_context *, TDB_DATA)
tdb_fd: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_fetch: TDB_DATA (struct tdb_context *, TDB_DATA)
tdb_firstkey: TDB_DATA (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_freelist_size: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_get_flags: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_get_logging_private: void *(struct tdb_context *)
tdb_get_seqnum: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_hash_size: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_increment_seqnum_nonblock: void (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_jenkins_hash: unsigned int (TDB_DATA *)
tdb_lock_nonblock: int (struct tdb_context *, int, int)
tdb_lockall: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_lockall_mark: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_lockall_nonblock: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_lockall_read: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_lockall_read_nonblock: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_lockall_unmark: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_log_fn: tdb_log_func (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_map_size: size_t (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_name: const char *(struct tdb_context *)
tdb_nextkey: TDB_DATA (struct tdb_context *, TDB_DATA)
tdb_null: dptr = 0xXXXX, dsize = 0
tdb_open: struct tdb_context *(const char *, int, int, int, mode_t)
tdb_open_ex: struct tdb_context *(const char *, int, int, int, mode_t, const struct tdb_logging_context *, tdb_hash_func)
tdb_parse_record: int (struct tdb_context *, TDB_DATA, int (*)(TDB_DATA, TDB_DATA, void *), void *)
tdb_printfreelist: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_remove_flags: void (struct tdb_context *, unsigned int)
tdb_reopen: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_reopen_all: int (int)
tdb_repack: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_rescue: int (struct tdb_context *, void (*)(TDB_DATA, TDB_DATA, void *), void *)
tdb_runtime_check_for_robust_mutexes: bool (void)
tdb_set_logging_function: void (struct tdb_context *, const struct tdb_logging_context *)
tdb_set_max_dead: void (struct tdb_context *, int)
tdb_setalarm_sigptr: void (struct tdb_context *, volatile sig_atomic_t *)
tdb_store: int (struct tdb_context *, TDB_DATA, TDB_DATA, int)
tdb_storev: int (struct tdb_context *, TDB_DATA, const TDB_DATA *, int, int)
tdb_summary: char *(struct tdb_context *)
tdb_transaction_active: bool (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_transaction_cancel: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_transaction_commit: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_transaction_prepare_commit: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_transaction_start: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_transaction_start_nonblock: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_transaction_write_lock_mark: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_transaction_write_lock_unmark: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_traverse: int (struct tdb_context *, tdb_traverse_func, void *)
tdb_traverse_read: int (struct tdb_context *, tdb_traverse_func, void *)
tdb_unlock: int (struct tdb_context *, int, int)
tdb_unlockall: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_unlockall_read: int (struct tdb_context *)
tdb_validate_freelist: int (struct tdb_context *, int *)
tdb_wipe_all: int (struct tdb_context *)
#!/usr/bin/env python
APPNAME = 'tdb'
VERSION = '1.3.14'
VERSION = '1.3.15'
blddir = 'bin'
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