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  1. 26 Nov, 2019 4 commits
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  3. 22 Nov, 2019 5 commits
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      s3/utils: Make sure we can negotiate protocol based on smb.conf settings · ed48ab06
      Noel Power authored
      net_rpc_check was hardcoded to check for rpc using SMB1 only. We
      should negotiate protocols based on the client max|min protocol settings
      this commit also removes the entry for share list
      from knownfails as this test should now pass following this change.
    • Noel Power's avatar
      s3/script/tests: Add simple test for net share list · 3f356f27
      Noel Power authored
      Adding a test for the net share list command. Currently this
      command will fail because of a bug in the net command when it tries
      to see if rpc is supported. There is a known fail in place to swallow
      this error. A future commit will fix the net command and remove the
      known fail
    • Noel Power's avatar
      selftest: Add known fail for share list · 61909716
      Noel Power authored
      This test will be added in a following commit, initially the test will
      fail because of a bug in the 'net' cmd. In the case of 'net share'
      if you don't specify ads or rpc then the net command will see if rpc
      is available and will prefer that. The problem is that net has this
      check hardcoded to use SMB1. The test will fail if used with a test
      environment that doesn't negotiate SMB1
    • Noel Power's avatar
      selftest: Mark samba3.blackbox.smbclient_machine_auth.plain as processed · c3ce5c92
      Noel Power authored
      Unlike most of the other issues this test was failing in >=SMB2 only
      environments because of a bug. Following a fix for this bug this test
      has been moved from '_smb1' env back to the normal non '_smb1' envs.
      The test has been marked as processed in the skip file
    • Noel Power's avatar
      s4/smb_server: Fix handling of SMB2 messages after Netbios session setup · 2c58f0e7
      Noel Power authored
      On receiving a special NBT packet (e.g. session setup) the samba daemon
      effectively sets up SMB1 as the negotiated protocol (in terms of
      software handling of the messages) even though no SMB protocol
      has yet been negotiated. If the next message after the nbt session setup
      is a SMB2 message it will be handled by the SMB1 callbacks and will be
      rejected. This is evident when using smbclient (with -p 139) option
      in an env where SMB1 cannot be negotiated [*]
      This change doesn't set up the SMB1 callbacks on receipt of NBT special
      messages but lets the generic callback in place. Once either SMB1 (or)
      SMB2 is established (by receipt of a 'real' SMB or >=SMB2 message) then
      the proper callbacks will be set as normal.
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