Commit 6cadb55d authored by Jones Syue's avatar Jones Syue
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interface: fix if_index is not parsed correctly

Replace probed_ifaces[i] with ifs.

In SDC 2020 SMB3 Virtual IO Lab,
run Windows Protocol Test Suite to test FileServer multichannel test cases.
Samba server has 2 virtual interfaces for VPN connection:
> name=tun2001, ip/mask=
> name=tun2002, ip/mask=
test suite client can ping these 2 ip addresses and browse shares.
Then client try to use IOCTL FSCTL_QUERY_NETWORK_INTERFACE_INFO to get the
virtual ip addresses of samba server, but samba server responded it
without the virtual ip addresses. My VPN setup is point-to-point and the
virtual interfaces 'tun2001' & 'tun2002' are without flag IFF_BROADCAST.
So edit smb.conf and add
"interfaces = ${virtual_ip}/${mask_length};if_index=${id}", like this:
> interfaces = eth4 eth8 eth11 eth10 qvs0 ";if_index=50" ";if_index=51"
then samba server IOCTL response could return the virtual ip addresses,
but found a issue:
the interface index of virtual ip addresses is always 4294967295
(0xFFFFFFFF, -1).


Signed-off-by: Jones Syue's avatarJones Syue <>
parent d53c91db
Pipeline #194817199 passed with stage
in 76 minutes and 38 seconds
......@@ -618,7 +618,7 @@ static void interpret_interface(char *token)
ifs.netmask = ss_mask;
ifs.bcast = ss_bcast;
if (if_index_set) {
probed_ifaces[i].if_index = if_index;
ifs.if_index = if_index;
  • This looks good, I think that also explains the possible memory corruption/crash I mentioned in the bug report. As 'i' is most likely the same as 'total_probed' and probed_ifaces[i] is not valid, so we overwrite unrelated memory.

    Later I see 'realloc(): invalid pointer' and this backtrace:

       #0 log_stack_trace + 0x29 [ip=0x7f2f1b6fffa9] [sp=0x7ffcd0ab53e0]
       #1 smb_panic + 0x11 [ip=0x7f2f1b700301] [sp=0x7ffcd0ab5d10]
       #2 sig_fault + 0x54 [ip=0x7f2f1b7004f4] [sp=0x7ffcd0ab5e20]
       #3 funlockfile + 0x50 [ip=0x7f2f17ce6dd0] [sp=0x7ffcd0ab5ec0]
       #4 gsignal + 0x10f [ip=0x7f2f1794970f] [sp=0x7ffcd0ab6b90]
       #5 abort + 0x127 [ip=0x7f2f17933b25] [sp=0x7ffcd0ab6cb0]
       #6 __libc_message + 0x297 [ip=0x7f2f1798c897] [sp=0x7ffcd0ab6de0]
       #7 malloc_printerr + 0x1c [ip=0x7f2f17992fdc] [sp=0x7ffcd0ab6ef0]
       #8 realloc + 0x23a [ip=0x7f2f17997f6a] [sp=0x7ffcd0ab6f00]
       #9 _talloc_realloc + 0xee [ip=0x7f2f1a365d2e] [sp=0x7ffcd0ab6f50]
       #10 messaging_filtered_read_send + 0x18c [ip=0x7f2f1a10f54c] [sp=0x7ffcd0ab6fb0]
       #11 messaging_read_send + 0x55 [ip=0x7f2f1a10f705] [sp=0x7ffcd0ab7000]
       #12 smb2srv_session_table_init + 0x83 [ip=0x7f2f1b3a6cd3] [sp=0x7ffcd0ab7040]
       #13 smbXsrv_connection_init_tables + 0x2d [ip=0x7f2f1b373f4d] [sp=0x7ffcd0ab7060]
       #14 smbd_smb2_request_process_negprot + 0x827 [ip=0x7f2f1b38cb47] [sp=0x7ffcd0ab7080]
       #15 smbd_smb2_request_dispatch + 0x19db [ip=0x7f2f1b38921b] [sp=0x7ffcd0ab71d0]
       #16 smbd_smb2_process_negprot + 0x298 [ip=0x7f2f1b38bb38] [sp=0x7ffcd0ab7260]
       #17 process_smb + 0x2ca [ip=0x7f2f1b37537a] [sp=0x7ffcd0ab72b0]
       #18 smbd_server_connection_read_handler + 0xd0 [ip=0x7f2f1b376420] [sp=0x7ffcd0ab7350]
  • Can you add that information to the commit message?

    Then please create a merge request.


  • Sure already new a commit with that information: ac3f22a8

    will create a merge request once CI is passed.


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