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      Make libmachine usable by outside world · b5927f10
      nathanleclaire authored
      - Clear out some cruft tightly coupling libmachine to filestore
      - Comment out drivers other than virtualbox for now
      - Change way too many things
      - Mostly, break out the code to be more modular.
      - Destroy all traces of "provider" in its current form.  It will be
      brought back as something more sensible, instead of something which
      overlaps in function with both Host and Store.
      - Fix mis-managed config passthru
      - Remove a few instances of state stored in env vars
      - This should be explicitly communicated in Go-land, not through the
      - Rename "store" module to "persist"
      - This is done mostly to avoid confusion about the fact that a concrete
      instance of a "Store" interface is oftentimes referred to as "store" in
      the code.
      - Rip out repetitive antipattern for getting store
      - This replaces the previous repetive idiom for getting the cert info, and
      consequently the store, with a much less repetitive idiom.
      - Also, some redundant methods in commands.go for accessing hosts have
      either been simplified or removed entirely.
      - First steps towards fixing up tests
      - Test progress continues
      - Replace unit tests with integration tests
      - Add helper test files
      - Don't write to disk in libmachine/host
      - Heh.. coverage check strikes again
      - Fix remove code
      - Move cert code around
      - Continued progress: simplify Driver
      - Fixups and make creation work with new model
      - Move drivers module inside of libmachine
      - Move ssh module inside of libmachine
      - Move state module to libmachine
      - Move utils module to libmachine
      - Move version module to libmachine
      - Move log module to libmachine
      - Modify some constructor methods around
      - Change Travis build dep structure
      - Boring gofmt fix
      - Add version module
      - Move NewHost to store
      - Update some boring cert path infos to make API easier to use
      - Fix up some issues around the new model
      - Clean up some cert path stuff
      - Don't use shady functions to get store path :D
      - Continue artifact work
      - Fix silly machines dir bug
      - Continue fixing silly path issues
      - Change up output of vbm a bit
      - Continue work to make example go
      - Change output a little more
      - Last changes needed to make create finish properly
      - Fix config.go to use libmachine
      - Cut down code duplication and make both methods work with libmachine
      - Add pluggable logging implementation
      - Return error when machine already in desired state
      - Update example to show log method
      - Fix file:// bug
      - Fix Swarm defaults
      - Remove unused TLS settings from Engine and Swarm options
      - Remove spurious error
      - Correct bug detecting if migration was performed
      - Fix compilation errors from tests
      - Fix most of remaining test issues
      - Fix final silly bug in tests
      - Remove extraneous debug code
      - Add -race to test command
      - Appease the gofmt
      - Appease the generate coverage
      - Making executive decision to remove Travis coverage check
      In the early days I thought this would be a good idea because it would
      encourage people to write tests in case they added a new module.  Well,
      in fact it has just turned into a giant nuisance and made refactoring
      work like this even more difficult.
      - Move Get to Load
      - Move HostListItem code to CLI
      Signed-off-by: nathanleclaire's avatarNathan LeClaire <nathan.leclaire@gmail.com>
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