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README of Biology Knowledge Representation System
The BKRS is a knowledge-reasoning system designed to represent general information about cells. The system is based off information about in Campbell's Biology 9th Edition textbook, a widely used source for many high school and college courses. The system is able to answer some queries such as cell classification, cell function, organelle functions, and processes such as celluar respiration and photosynthesis.
The goal of the building the system is to convert common sense reasoning and knowledge of cells into an automated reasoning system while identifying potential knowledge patterns and their code equivalent.
In the input.lp file, state any intial knowledge of the query. Then, type on the last line:
?-"insert query here".
EXAMPLE OF input.lp for the question: An object is a cell and it is eukaryotic. Does it contain a nucleus?
%input information
cell(mysteryCell). %object "mysteryCell" is a cell
eukaryotic(mysteryCell). %object "mysteryCell" is eukaryotic
This query will give the partial answer set: {cell(mysteryCell),eukaryotic(mysteryCell), contains(mysteryCell,nucleus)}, indicating that the object does contain a nucleus.
Information from Campbell's Biology Book used:
Ch.6- Introduction to Cellls
Ch.7- Membrane Strucutre and Function
Ch.8- An Introduction to Metabolism
Ch.9- Celluar Respiration: Harvesting Chemical Energy
Ch.10 -Photosynthesis
Ch.12- The Cell Cycle
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