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......@@ -1316,22 +1316,44 @@ cdef class FiniteField(Field):
sage: F = GF(2 ** 4, 'a')
sage: F.extension(int(3), 'aa')
Finite Field in aa of size 2^12
Check :trac:`24526`::
sage: K = GF(3)
sage: K.extension(SR.var('x')^2 + 1, 'a')
Finite Field in a of size 3^2
sage: K.extension('x^2 + 1', 'a')
Finite Field in a of size 3^2
sage: K.extension([1, 0, 1], 'a')
Finite Field in a of size 3^2
from .finite_field_constructor import GF
from sage.rings.polynomial.polynomial_element import is_Polynomial
from sage.rings.integer import Integer
if name is None and names is not None:
name = names
if == 1:
if isinstance(modulus, (int, Integer)):
E = GF(self.characteristic()**modulus, name=name, **kwds)
elif isinstance(modulus, (list, tuple)):
E = GF(self.characteristic()**(len(modulus) - 1), name=name, modulus=modulus, **kwds)
elif is_Polynomial(modulus):
if modulus.change_ring(self).is_irreducible():
from sage.rings.polynomial.polynomial_element import is_Polynomial
if not is_Polynomial(modulus):
from sage.rings.polynomial.polynomial_ring_constructor import PolynomialRing
variable_name = str(modulus.variables()[0])
except (AttributeError, ValueError):
variable_name = 'x'
modulus = PolynomialRing(self, variable_name)(modulus)
modulus = modulus.change_ring(self)
if modulus.is_irreducible():
E = GF(self.characteristic()**(, name=name, modulus=modulus, **kwds)
E = Field.extension(self, modulus, name=name, embedding=embedding)
elif isinstance(modulus, (int, Integer)):
E = GF(self.order()**modulus, name=name, **kwds)
if E is self: