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......@@ -670,6 +670,20 @@ cdef class SymbolicRing(CommutativeRing):
My Symbolic Ring
sage: MySR.an_element().parent()
My Symbolic Ring
Check that ``maxima_lib`` knows about variable changes
sage: forget()
sage: _ = var('m')
sage: ret = exp(m*x^x).integral(x)
sage: _= var('m', domain='integer')
sage: ret = exp(m*x^x).integral(x); ret
integrate(e^(m*x^x), x)
sage: ret.operands()[0].operands()[0] / x^x
sage: _.is_integer()
cdef GSymbol symb
cdef Expression e
......@@ -684,12 +698,16 @@ cdef class SymbolicRing(CommutativeRing):
return e
# get symbol
from sage.calculus.calculus import maxima
from sage.interfaces.maxima_lib import max_sym_dict
global max_sym_dict
symb = ex_to_symbol(e._gobj)
if latex_name is not None:
if domain is not None:
e._gobj = GEx(symb)
max_sym_dict[maxima(e).ecl()] = e
if domain is not None:
send_sage_domain_to_maxima(e, domain)