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......@@ -66,3 +66,13 @@ except ImportError:
pass # Python 2
del ExtensionFileLoader.get_source
# Monkey-patch six.add_metaclass with version that better supports nested
# classes; this is only relevant on Python 3 since Python 2 classes don't
# have a __qualname__
import six
if not six.PY2:
from sage.misc.six import add_metaclass
if six.add_metaclass is not add_metaclass:
six.add_metaclass = add_metaclass
......@@ -67,6 +67,37 @@ Check a fix for :trac:`16074`::
from __future__ import absolute_import
from six import *
from six import add_metaclass as _orig_add_metaclass
def add_metaclass(metaclass):
Wrapper around the original ``six.add_metaclass`` which on Python 3
supports copying the original class's ``__qualname__`` as well.
This is needed to preserver the ``__qualname__`` of nested classes when
applying a metaclass to them.
sage: from sage.misc.six import add_metaclass
sage: class MyMeta(type): pass
sage: class A(object):
....: @add_metaclass(MyMeta)
....: class B(object): pass
sage: A.B
<class '__main__.A.B'>
orig_wrapper = _orig_add_metaclass(metaclass)
def wrapper(cls):
new_cls = orig_wrapper(cls)
if hasattr(cls, '__qualname__'):
new_cls.__qualname__ = cls.__qualname__
return new_cls
return wrapper
def u(x):