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      Updated SageMath version to 8.2.beta7 · 3750eaa4
      Volker Braun authored
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      Trac #24703: Everything should be rebuilt after GCC upgrade · c6fc4193
      Release Manager authored
      Due to C++ ABI incompatibilities, problems occur if code built with
      earlier versions of GCC is linked against code built with newer versions
      of GCC. This leads for example to patchbot failures mentioned below.
      The simplest solution is to make ''every'' package depend on the GCC
      executable. This way, a GCC upgrade will force everything to be rebuilt.
      This may be overkill, but it's not a big problem in practice since GCC
      is upgraded rarely (unlikely other Sage packages, it is never
      automatically rebuilt except if absolutely needed, see for example
      See [attachment:crash_zrVXNw.log] for a crash log from the arando i686
      patchbot with Sage 8.2.beta5 using GCC 7.2.0. It involves brial and C++
      The following doctests fail:
      sage -t --warn-long 67.1
      src/sage/rings/polynomial/multi_polynomial_sequence.py  # Killed due to
      sage -t --warn-long 67.1 src/sage/rings/polynomial/pbori.pyx  # Killed
      due to abort
      sage -t --warn-long 67.1
      src/sage/rings/polynomial/multi_polynomial_libsingular.pyx  # Killed due
      to abort
      sage -t --warn-long 67.1
      src/sage/rings/polynomial/polynomial_ring_constructor.py  # Killed due
      to abort
      URL: https://trac.sagemath.org/24703
      Reported by: jdemeyer
      Ticket author(s): Jeroen Demeyer
      Reviewer(s): François Bissey
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      Trac #24772: Encoding fixes to the doctest module · 2e2a69c7
      Release Manager authored
      URL: https://trac.sagemath.org/24772
      Reported by: jdemeyer
      Ticket author(s): Erik Bray
      Reviewer(s): Jeroen Demeyer
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