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      Updated Sage version to 7.1.rc0 · 1c17d9ee
      Volker Braun authored
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      Trac #20169: Graph Generators: CompleteMultipartiteGraph plotting · 99b196db
      Release Manager authored
      This patch would add code to make the plot layout of complete
      multipartite graphs a little nicer. Currently the vertices are just
      scattered, making it hard to see what is in what partition. This patch
      would make it so that the layout was similar to this picture:
      URL: http://trac.sagemath.org/20169
      Reported by: mcognetta
      Ticket author(s): Marco Cognetta
      Reviewer(s): David Coudert
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      Trac #20155: Graph Generators: Add Turan Graph · f669fac3
      Release Manager authored
      Turan graphs are a well known family of graphs but have not been added
      to Sage (although they are in some other computer algebra systems). This
      patch would add support for Turan Graphs in the sage/graphs/families.py
      URL: http://trac.sagemath.org/20155
      Reported by: mcognetta
      Ticket author(s): Marco Cognetta
      Reviewer(s): David Coudert
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      Trac #20053: Singularity analysis for given singular expansions · 85b26cdd
      Release Manager authored
      Refactor `coefficients_of_generating_function` (#20056) so that the part
      working with one singular expansion is now a separate method of an
      asymptotic expansion.
      This allows to perform singularity analysis also in situations where the
      singular expansion has been obtained by other means than the simple
      approach for explicit generating functions of #19944 (and follow-ups
      #20040 and #20056), even while #20050 is not implemented.
      For now, this is a hidden method because the input will change once
      #20050 is done.
      Once #20050 is implemented, the dual choice of output of
      `coefficients_of_generating_function` may be changed: if users want to
      have singular expansions (in order to show them in their paper, for
      instance), they could convert it into a singular expansion by using
      #20050 (or its dependents) and then feed it into `singularity_analysis`.
      See #17601 for the asymptotic expansions meta ticket.
      URL: http://trac.sagemath.org/20053
      Reported by: cheuberg
      Ticket author(s): Clemens Heuberger
      Reviewer(s): Benjamin Hackl
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      Trac #14798: Export graphics objects to PGF/TikZ · 4fef423a
      Release Manager authored
      This patch allows  to produce PGF/TikZ output than can than be included
      in LaTeX documents. It is based on the new pgf backend included in
      The backend still has some issues that cripple this patch:
      * the first time that it is run it produce this warning:
      sage: line([(0,0), (1,1)],axes=False).save("/tmp/sage.pgf")
      packages/matplotlib/tight_bbox.py:55: UserWarning: bbox_inches option
      for pgf backend is not implemented yet.
      "implemented yet." % (format))
      * closing sage after using save() give this other error:
      Exception AttributeError: "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'isdir'"
      in <bound method LatexManager.__del__ of
      <matplotlib.backends.backend_pgf.LatexManager instance at 0x7d375a8>>
      * finally not all the graphics primitives can be plotted at the moment:
      printing some text() will trigger
      RuntimeError: Cannot get window extent w/o renderer
      URL: http://trac.sagemath.org/14798
      Reported by: etn40ff
      Ticket author(s): Salvatore Stella
      Reviewer(s): Frédéric Chapoton
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      Trac #20173: Error executing code in Mathematica · 92b6cee4
      Release Manager authored
      I got `TypeError` when running the same code repeatedly on OSX 10.10.4.
      Each time it stops at a different value of i and returns a different
      error message.
      m = Mathematica(logfile='mathematica-log')
      for i in range(30000):
          print i
          condstr = '{x + 5*y - 1<0, x - y<0, 0<-2*x - 5*y + 1<1/100}'
          varstr = '{x, y}'
          pt = m.FindInstance(condstr, varstr)
          pt_val = (pt[1][1][2], pt[1][2][2])
      Usually the error appears before i=2000, and the error message is most
      often of the type
      TypeError: Error executing code in Mathematica
      Mathematica ERROR:
      Is it caused by the same issue as in  #20128? Any workaround?
      I'm also curious about the following piece of code in `Mathematica::set`
      (see Line 514 of mathematica.py)
      if len(out) > 8:
          raise TypeError("Error executing code in
      Mathematica\nCODE:\n\t%s\nMathematica ERROR:\n\t%s"%(cmd, out))
      What does the constant 8 mean here?
      Note that the error persists when I augment the number 8 to 4000.
      URL: http://trac.sagemath.org/20173
      Reported by: yzh
      Ticket author(s): Matthias Koeppe
      Reviewer(s): Dima Pasechnik
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      Trac #10819: implementation of the cluster complex · 1802e7f3
      Release Manager authored
      The patch contains an implementation of the cluster complex for finite
      sage: ClusterComplex(['A',3])
      Cluster complex of type ['A', 3] with 9 vertices and 14 facets
      The implementation depends on its realization as a subword complex.
      URL: http://trac.sagemath.org/10819
      Reported by: stumpc5
      Ticket author(s): Christian Stump, Frédéric Chapoton
      Reviewer(s): Travis Scrimshaw
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      Revision of TuranGraph patch · 45cdf399
      Marco authored
      Fixed some spelling errors and cleaned up the doc tests a bit.
      U# Changes to be committed:
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      Trac #20034: Add _latex_() to algebraic_closure_finite_field.py · 3d90f9e4
      Release Manager authored
      Add _latex_() to algebraic_closure_finite_field.py
      URL: http://trac.sagemath.org/20034
      Reported by: klui
      Ticket author(s): Kevin Lui
      Reviewer(s): Bruno Grenet
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      Trac #19936: Make num_faces · 827e45b2
      Release Manager authored
      For planar graphs, you can get [http://doc.sagemath.org/html/en/referenc
      cGraph.faces faces listed], but you can't just get the number of faces
      like you can get `num_edges()`.  But this seems reasonable, with proper
      URL: http://trac.sagemath.org/19936
      Reported by: kcrisman
      Ticket author(s): Marco Cognetta
      Reviewer(s): Travis Scrimshaw
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      Trac #9892: Eliminate paripriv.h from interpreters · be7078be
      Release Manager authored
      Now that {{{<pari/paripriv.h>}}} is only used in a few Cython `.pyx`
      files (hence, a few `.c` files), we don't need to include it in the
      interpreters in `src/sage/ext/interpreters`.
      URL: http://trac.sagemath.org/9892
      Reported by: jdemeyer
      Ticket author(s): Jeroen Demeyer
      Reviewer(s): Frédéric Chapoton
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