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      Updated Sage version to 6.8.beta4 · 06dbbffb
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      Trac #18494: Install sage headers and auxiliary files (.h/.pxd/.pxi files) · 054cb7ba
      Release Manager authored
      Currently, Sage doesn't install any files other than `.py` and compiled
      cython code. Headers and other auxiliary files that are necessary for
      compiling user code (such as the `cython()` command or certain optional
      packages) are kept in the `src` directory and we rely on its presence.
      Since #18027 we also rely on the presence of the `src/build/cythonized`
      directory. It would be good if sage could just work without relying on
      the presence of it source and build directory.
      URL: http://trac.sagemath.org/18494
      Reported by: fbissey
      Ticket author(s): François Bissey
      Reviewer(s): Jeroen Demeyer
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