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      Updated Sage version to 6.7.beta3 · e55e3153
      Volker Braun authored
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      Trac #18076: Coercion for numpy types · 93a7ac62
      Release Manager authored
      Plenty of bugs have been reported for the interaction with numpy:
      - #8426: polynomial * constant does not work if constant is a numpy type
      - #8949: symbolic functions dont work with numpy.int32
      - #9769: symbolic function do not work with numpy.int64 arguments
      - #13386: comparison of Sage integer with Numpy integer
      - #15695: Coercion problems between numpy and sage floats
      - #17758: Intervals and numpy floats do not compare correctly
      - #17865: get rid of _native_coercion_ranks_inv and
      We solve them all by defining coercions of numpy integers to `ZZ`, numpy
      floating to `RDF` and numpy complex floating to `CDF`. Also, coercion
      between numerical types (in `sage.structure.coerce`) are now done
      directly via the addition. In particular, all of this used to fail
      sage: import numpy
      sage: f(t) = t^2
      sage: f(numpy.int32('1'))
      sage: sin(numpy.int32(10))
      sage: 123 == numpy.int32(123)
      sage: 1j + numpy.float(2)
      2.00000000000000 + 1.00000000000000*I
      sage: parent(_)
      Complex Field with 53 bits of precision
      sage: RIF(1) <= numpy.float64(2.0)
      Some of them depend on modifying some internal in numpy and will not be
      solved here:
      - #8824: Make it so that numpy datatypes are integrated into the
      coercion model
      URL: http://trac.sagemath.org/18076
      Reported by: vdelecroix
      Ticket author(s): Vincent Delecroix, Jeroen Demeyer
      Reviewer(s): Jeroen Demeyer, Vincent Delecroix
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      Trac #17682: Generic filename extension for shared libraries · 636a9268
      Release Manager authored
      Some places in the code and some doctests assume that the filename
      extension for shared libraries is `.so`, while it is `.dll` in cygwin.
      The attached patch defines once and for all the correct extension
      depending on the platform, and uses it where necessary.
      URL: http://trac.sagemath.org/17682
      Reported by: gouezel
      Ticket author(s): Sebastien Gouezel
      Reviewer(s): Jeroen Demeyer
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      Trac #17662: Evenly distributed sets · b549ae17
      Release Manager authored
      We introduce evenly distributed sets (EDS) to get more difference
      families and more BIBD in Sage. More precisely we add
      - a database of small EDS
      - a naive backtracker (that was actually used to build the database)
      URL: http://trac.sagemath.org/17662
      Reported by: vdelecroix
      Ticket author(s): Vincent Delecroix
      Reviewer(s): Nathann Cohen
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