Commit 74fa61c7 authored by Sean's avatar Sean 🎨
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Make prebuild POSIX compliant to work in alpine

parent eda6a123
# Run a restore to be sure we have all the dlls on the system.
dotnet restore web > /dev/null
# Find nuget's global directory
nugetRootPath=$(dotnet nuget locals global-packages -l | cut -d' ' -f4)
# array of ${nameOfDep}|${pathToDllFolder}
# 'array' (space delimited) of ${nameOfDep}|${pathToDllFolder}
mkdir -p lib
for i in "${packagesAndPaths[@]}"
echo "$packagesAndPaths" | tr ' ' '\n' | while read i; do
# all these vars split out for clarity
name=$(echo "$i" | cut -d'|' -f1)
path=$(echo "$i" | cut -d'|' -f2)
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