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    • Rys Sommefeldt's avatar
      Add another secure string emitter to the keymap (#5057) · 9986c3d0
      Rys Sommefeldt authored
      * Add another secure string emitter to the keymap
      * Delete BACKLIGHT_ENABLE since it's default
      Co-Authored-By: 's avatarrys <rys@pixeltards.com>
    • Cole Markham's avatar
      Add Scarlet Bandana Version IV mark.2 (#3397) · 0affcc8b
      Cole Markham authored
      * Add scarlet bandana
      * updates for scarlet bandana
    • Anthony's avatar
      Improvements to Space Cadet Shift (#3856) · 5c7a31ea
      Anthony authored
      * Improvement of Space Cadet Shift by preventing to automatically apply a modifier on the key and allow to override the default modifier. Closes qmk/qmk_firmware#3815
      * Improve the use of the DISABLE_SPACE_CADET_MODIFIER flag to avoid unregistering KC_LSFT when equals to LSPO_MOD
      * change #if to if statement
    • Thomas Baart's avatar
      Add One Shot Key callbacks (#4697) · 47051f50
      Thomas Baart authored
      * Added callbacks to one shot modifier changes
      * Altered signature of callback functions
      * Reordered the callback methods, shortened brief documentation
      * Added One Shot Modifier callback documentation
      * First attempt at unit tests
      * Revert "First attempt at unit tests"
      This reverts commit 5ec21a782202c0d74cf21cb852bd319f0c8b4842.
      * Simplified oneshot function implementations
      * Made clear_oneshot_locked_mods to be conform action_util.h, adhering to the (void) signature
      * Made used datatypes for oneshot mods consistently unsigned integers
      * Corrected callback to call clear callback when clear_oneshot_locked_mods is invoked
      * Simplified oneshot equals statements
      * Corrected return type and signature of get and set oneshot locked mods
      * Consolidated one shot callbacks, added initial layer callback version
      * Fixed non-updating one shot layer variable after timeout or other clear, added code comments
      * Added better one shot key docs
    • sprayed's avatar
      [Keyboard] Add support for jj4x4 numpad/macropad by Kprepublic (#5016) · 7df9e584
      sprayed authored
      * added keyboard jj4x4, a shorter version of the jj40
      * removed useless file
      * edited jj4x4 readme.md
      * optimized array size in jj4x4 config.h, removed reference to jj40 layouts from rules.mk
      * removed custom matrix for this ps2avrgb board, refactored column and row pins
    • Carlos's avatar
      dd Honeycomb macropad (#5000) · d4e1e712
      Carlos authored
      * Add Honeycome macropad
      * Replace pragma, update info
      * Update code based on review
    • fauxpark's avatar
      Add distclean target instead · 612dc232
      fauxpark authored
    • fauxpark's avatar
      These targets should be .PHONY · 6172273c
      fauxpark authored
    • fauxpark's avatar
      make clean should remove .bin and .hex too · cb1aeb42
      fauxpark authored
    • MechMerlin's avatar
      [Keyboard] TMO50 Off By 1 Column Bug (#5055) · b9732581
      MechMerlin authored
      * fix a bug in which the physical matrix did not match the physical layout. Top row was missing 1 key and bottom row had 1 extra key
      * amend keymap to account for the new physical matrix
      * 6.25u space bar is actually supported, so add a new layout that supports this
      * fix keymap readme to no longer need the cautionary warning
    • Biacco42's avatar
      Add "meishi" keyboard (#5054) · b89cab87
      Biacco42 authored
      * Add meishi keyboard project
      * Update readme
      * Fix copyrights
      * Fix copyright year
      * Replace include guard with pragma once
      * Replace KEYMAP with LAYOUT
    • Nicholas Shaff's avatar
      Keyboards: Move the other Sentraq keyboards into the sentraq vendor directory (#5052) · 9b232a7f
      Nicholas Shaff authored
      * Moving sentraq keyboards to sentraq subdirectory.
      * Updating readme markdown to correct make commands.
      * Updating s60_x references to point to the new vendor subdirectory.
      * Fixed stripped spaces in markdown.
      * Updated help information in s60_x readme and linked to additional documentation.
  6. 04 Feb, 2019 11 commits
    • Brice Figureau's avatar
      Make QMK Configurator work with e7-v1 (#5007) · 33526778
      Brice Figureau authored
      * Make QMK Configurator work with e7-v1
      This adds the missing info.json file for the e7-v1 keyboard which I
      forgot to add to the original PR.
      This allows to see the correct layout in QMK Configurator.
      * Fix the ISO layout
      The ISO layout has one extra key (hash/tilde) on row 3 right before
      the enter key.
      The e7-v1 PCB has this key wired at the same switch as the ANSI
      backslash (since this switch is not used in ISO).
    • Josh Forisha's avatar
      Fix XD87 ANSI layout values (#5031) · ab579650
      Josh Forisha authored
      The tkl_ansi layout had an incorrect value for the grave/tilde key, and
      number row keys were misnumbered. This fix removes the typo and adds the
      missing K1C key.
    • Konstantin Đorđević's avatar
      Fix mixed tabs/spaces and typos in keyboards/converter makefiles (#5041) · e4ff07af
      Konstantin Đorđević authored
      * Fix mixed tabs and spaces in adb_usb and m0110_usb makefiles
      * Fix typos in converter build options
      * Tweak ordering and spacing in converter makefiles
    • MechMerlin's avatar
      [Keyboard] New Macropad: 1upkeyboards super16 (#5039) · 80d427a2
      MechMerlin authored
      * initial commit
      * Do a nice write up for readme
      * establish switch matrix and physical layout
      * Put in the pins that are used
      * QMK configurator support and keymap
      * set bootloader to caterina because pro micro boohoo
      * add ortho_4x4 support for user spaces
      * got the columns reversed lol
    • Flugschwein's avatar
      Fix QWERTZ <> QWERTY issue in sendstring_german.h · e9c3e041
      Flugschwein authored
      Small mistake that caused sendstring commands to exchange y with z.
    • Braydon Bubnick's avatar
      1up60hte hhkb layout support (#5050) · e14df867
      Braydon Bubnick authored
      * Tweaks to default 1up60hte layout + support for HHKB style layout
      * Added changes to layouts
      * Fix config.h
      * Fixed errant KC_NO in layout
      * Added readme to keyboard... Will update with images/store link when avail.
      * Update to use LAYOUT_60_hhkb default layout
      * md formatting fix
      * Update keyboards/1upkeyboards/1up60hte/readme.md
      Co-Authored-By: 's avatarbubnick <bubnick@users.noreply.github.com>
      * Update keyboards/1upkeyboards/1up60hte/readme.md
      Co-Authored-By: 's avatarbubnick <bubnick@users.noreply.github.com>
      * Added layout to rules.mk, fixed layout to be compatble with community HHKB keymaps
    • Emils Delle's avatar
      Tmo50 indicators (#5044) · ff893bf1
      Emils Delle authored
      * Create ISO HHKB keymapping for GH60
      * Add media controls to Fn layer
      * Use M(x) instead of F(x), add Copyright text
      * Add README for additional information about TMO50 features/quirks
      * Add indicator LED code
      * Move indicator code to tmo50.c
    • MechMerlin's avatar
      [Keyboard] Create KBDFans directory (#5025) · b49dbf9b
      MechMerlin authored
      * move over kbd19x into the kbdfans directory
      * move over kbd4x into the kbdfans directory
      * move kbd66 into the kbdfans directory
      * move the kbd6x into the kbdfans directory
      * move kbd8x into the kbdfans directory
      * move kbd75 into the kbdfans directory
      * move kbd67 into kbdfans directory
      * add a fairly sparse readme for kbdfans directory
      * update make instructions for keyboards and add the Complete Newbs Guide to readmes that was missing it
      * get kbd75 compiling again
      * remove repetitive #defines of KC_NO and KC_TRNS when QMK_KEYBOARD_H is already included in KBD75
      * add links to kbdfans readme
      * fix some readme formatting
      * there is no reason to have two different keymaps with such a small difference, condensing to one
      * turning on backlights by default
      * enable backlight by default for kbd66
      * noticed that the kbd75 had caps lock led code in every keymap. Moved it out to the keyboard.c so everyone can partake.
      * Update keyboards/kbdfans/kbd66/readme.md
      Co-Authored-By: 's avatarmechmerlin <30334081+mechmerlin@users.noreply.github.com>
      * update readme link ordering
    • Nicholas Shaff's avatar
    • Nicholas Shaff's avatar
      New Keyboard: Sentraq Number Pad RGB DIY Kit (#5047) · b6fbcd9d
      Nicholas Shaff authored
      * Added QMK Config for Sentraq Number Pad keyboard.
      * Sentraq Number Pad documentation cleanup.
      * mend
      * Added json for configurator.
      * Small documentation tweaks.
      * Updated the layouts to use the default layouts that match.
      * Uncommended user level functions in keymap, left custom keycode/macro code commented but documented why.
      * Switched to #pragma once from #ifndef structure in header file.
      * Moved Sentraq number pad to sentraq creator directory.
      * Renamed sentraq_number_pad to number_pad now that it's nested in the sentraq directory.
      * Updated references inside the files for the keyboard rename and nesting.
    • GreenShadowMaker's avatar
      ergodash Keyboard readme documentation (#5046) · c4ce613b
      GreenShadowMaker authored
      * Update readme.md
      Added reminder/example on how to install
      * Update readme.md
      Added note about rev2 and PCB versions
      * Update readme.md
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