Commit 69fd7265 authored by Vedran Miletić's avatar Vedran Miletić

Fix building on Solaris (_P is a system macro)

parent 7c64aa92
......@@ -556,7 +556,7 @@ void RbtSAIdxSF::Setup() {
// overridden
RbtStringList secList = m_spSolvSource->GetSectionList();
std::string _R("R");
std::string _P("P");
std::string _PARAM_P("P");
std::string _ASP("ASP");
std::string _CHG_SCALING("CHG_SCALING");
......@@ -565,7 +565,7 @@ void RbtSAIdxSF::Setup() {
std::string stri = hhsType.Type2Str(RbtHHSType::eType(i));
double r = m_spSolvSource->GetParameterValue(_R);
double p = m_spSolvSource->GetParameterValue(_P);
double p = m_spSolvSource->GetParameterValue(_PARAM_P);
double asp = m_spSolvSource->GetParameterValue(_ASP);
bool chg_scaling = m_spSolvSource->isParameterPresent(_CHG_SCALING);
m_solvTable.push_back(solvprms(r, p, asp, chg_scaling));
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