Commit 9e6bbbed authored by sruizcarmona's avatar sruizcarmona

changed to rbhtfinder, as in paper and manual

parent 1f1f3b51
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ if (@ARGV < 4)
print "2nd) Store the result of sdreport -t over that exhaustive dock.\n";
print " in file <sdreport_file> that will be the input of this\n";
print " script.\n";
print "3rd) <sdreport_file> <output_file> <thr1max>";
print "3rd) rbhtfinder <sdreport_file> <output_file> <thr1max>";
print " <thr1min> <ns1> <ns2>\n";
print " <ns1> and <ns2> are the number of steps in stage 1 and in\n";
print " stage 2. If not present, the default values are 5 and 15\n";
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