Commit 3d20d47d authored by Luka Vretenar's avatar Luka Vretenar Committed by Vedran Miletić

Fix building with Clang (tested with 3.8.1)

parent a1f22d73
......@@ -93,8 +93,10 @@ public:
template <class T>
Sparse_Matrix_CompRow<T>::Sparse_Matrix_CompRow(int M, int N, int nz,
const T *val, const int *r, const int *c) : val_(nz,val),
rowptr_(M, r), colind_(nz, c), dim1_(M), dim2_(N) {}
const T *val, const int *r, const int *c) :
rowptr_(M, const_cast<int*>(r)),
colind_(nz, const_cast<int*>(c)), dim1_(M), dim2_(N) {}
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