Commit 14dc6bc8 authored by sruizcarmona's avatar sruizcarmona

Fixed csh dependencies: removed buildnum.csh, releaseNotes.csh and removed the...

Fixed csh dependencies: removed buildnum.csh, releaseNotes.csh and removed the line from Makefile calling buildnum.csh
parent cb27d1e0
......@@ -100,5 +100,4 @@ rdock-lib:
./tmake 'TMAKEPATH = ./tmakelib/$(PLATFORM)' $(PROJECT) -o $(MAKEFILE_LIB)
# Generates a header file (../include/VERSION) with
# string constants defining:
# 1) the major release of rDock
# 2) build number (highest changelist)
# Requires connection to Perforce to generate the
# build number, although will return
# a dummy value if p4 is not available.
set tmpheader = VERSION
set header = ../include/${tmpheader}
if (-e $tmpheader) /bin/rm -f $tmpheader
set libver = `./ CODELINE`
set buildnum = `./ BUILDNUM`
# If we don't get a sensible value back from `./p4utils BUILDNUM`, then leave the
# existing header file in place (if it exists)
if ($#buildnum != 2) then
if (-e $header) then
exit 0;
set buildnum = 'UNKNOWN';
echo //Autogenerated by $0 > $tmpheader
echo \#ifndef _RBTVERSION_H_ >> $tmpheader
echo \#define _RBTVERSION_H_ >> $tmpheader
echo \#include \"RbtTypes.h\" >> $tmpheader
echo const RbtString IDS_VERSION = \"$libver\"\; >> $tmpheader
echo const RbtString IDS_BUILDNUM = \"$buildnum\"\; >> $tmpheader
echo \#endif //_RBTVERSION_H_ >> $tmpheader
# Now check if the header file is unchanged from the
# previous build. If so, no need to update it as this would
# trigger an unnecessary compile of the library.
if (-e $header) then
diff $tmpheader $header
if ($status == 1) then
/bin/mv $tmpheader $header
/bin/rm -f $tmpheader
/bin/mv $tmpheader $header
exit 0
......@@ -326,7 +326,7 @@ SOURCES = ../import/simplex/src/NMSearch.cxx \
../src/lib/RbtVdwIntraSF.cxx \
../src/lib/RbtVdwSF.cxx \
VERSION = rDock_2013.1_src
VERSION = rdock_svn.0
INCLUDEPATH = ../include;../include/GP;../import/simplex/include;../import/tnt/include
#!/bin/csh -f
# Creates automated release notes for rDock
# Requires connection to Perforce depot
# 4 files are created:
# CHANGES - all changelists since branch created
# JOBS - all fixed jobs since branch created
# FILES - all changed files since branch created
# VERSIONS - last changelist submitted in each main subdirectory
# NOTE: Release notes assume that client is sync'd to head revision
# except for VERSIONS which lists the changelists for the current
# client revision (#have rather than #head)
mkdir -p ../docs
set changes = ../docs/CHANGES
set jobs = ../docs/JOBS
set files = ../docs/FILES
set versions = ../docs/VERSIONS
set basever = ../[email protected]`./ BASEVER`
set currentver = ../...\#head
# First the changes
if (-e ${changes}1) /bin/rm -f ${changes}1
if (-e ${changes}2) /bin/rm -f ${changes}2
if (-e ${changes}) /bin/rm -f ${changes}
p4 changes -l -i ${basever} > ${changes}1
p4 changes -l -i ${currentver} > ${changes}2
diff ${changes}1 ${changes}2 > ${changes}
/bin/rm -f ${changes}1
/bin/rm -f ${changes}2
# Now the jobs
if (-e ${jobs}1) /bin/rm -f ${jobs}1
if (-e ${jobs}2) /bin/rm -f ${jobs}2
if (-e ${jobs}) /bin/rm -f ${jobs}
p4 jobs -l -i ${basever} > ${jobs}1
p4 jobs -l -i ${currentver} > ${jobs}2
diff ${jobs}1 ${jobs}2 > ${jobs}
/bin/rm -f ${jobs}1
/bin/rm -f ${jobs}2
# Now the files
if (-e ${files}1) /bin/rm -f ${files}1
if (-e ${files}2) /bin/rm -f ${files}2
if (-e ${files}) /bin/rm -f ${files}
p4 files ${basever} > ${files}1
p4 files ${currentver} > ${files}2
diff ${files}1 ${files}2 > ${files}
/bin/rm -f ${files}1
/bin/rm -f ${files}2
# Now the versions
if (-e ${versions}) /bin/rm -f ${versions}
#p4 where ../... > ${versions}
#p4 changes -m 1 -i ${currentver} >> ${versions}
foreach dir (. bin build data docs include src)
set havever = ../${dir}/...\#have
echo "" >> ${versions}
echo "LATEST CHANGELIST FOR ${havever}" >> ${versions}
p4 where ../${dir}/... >> ${versions}
p4 changes -m 1 -i ${havever} >> ${versions}
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