Commit affdeec5 authored by Júda Ronén's avatar Júda Ronén


parent 29dd70f0
\include "../ĉ"
\header {
titolo-xx = ""
titolo-he = "כבר אחרי חצות"
titolo-eo = "Post noktomezo"
komponisto-xx = ""
komponisto-he = "נורית הירש"
komponisto-eo = "Nurit Hirŝ"
ikono = "🕛"
\include "../"
melodio = {
\time 4/4
\key d \major
fis fis8 g\4 a4 fis |
b2. r4 |
e8 e fis g\4 a b cis' b ~ |
b a ~ a2 fis8 e |
\break d d d e fis4. d8 e e e fis g4.\4 e8 cis cis cis d e e e fis |
d2._\markup \line { \italic "Fine"} r8 g\4 |
\break g4\4 g8\4 a b4 d' |
cis'4. b8 a2 g8\4 g\4 g\4 g\4 g\4 e g\4 fis fis d e fis2 r8 |
\break g\4 g\4 g\4 g\4 a b d'4 |
cis'4. b8 a cis'4. |
a8 a a b c' b c' d' |
g1_\markup \line { \italic "D.C." \italic "al" \italic "Fine"} |
\bar "|."
\include "../"
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