Commit a8b01f01 authored by Júda Ronén's avatar Júda Ronén


parent e7a80a58
\include "../ĉ"
\header {
titolo-xx = "Mr Dowland’s Midnight"
titolo-he = "חצות־הלילה של מר דוולנד"
titolo-eo = "Noktomezo de S-ro D."
komponisto-xx = ""
komponisto-he = "ג׳ון דוולנד"
komponisto-eo = "John Dowland"
ikono = "🕛"
\include "../"
melodio = {
\key g \major
\time 4/4
e8.\2 fis16\2 g8\4 e8\2 g8\4 a8\1 fis8\2 dis8\3 |
e8.\2 fis16\2 g8\4 fis8\2 g8\4 a8\1 b4\1 |
e8\2 e16\2 fis16\2 g8\4 e8\2 g8\4 a8\1 fis8\2 dis8\3 |
e8\2 e16\2 fis16\2 g8\4 fis8\2 e16\2 fis16\2 g16\4 a16\1 b4\1 |
\repeat volta 2 {
fis8\2 d'8\1 a8\1 b8\1 c'8\1 b16\1 a16\1 g8\4 a8\1 |
b8\1 a16\1 b16\1 a8\1 g8\4 fis8\2 fis8\2 e8\2 b16\1 c'16\1 |
d'8\1 c'16\1 b16\1 a16\1 g16\4 a16\1 b16\1 c'8\1 b16\1 a16\1 g16\4 fis16\2 g16\4 a16\1 |
b8\1 a16\1 b16\1 c'16\1 b16\1 a16\1 g16\4 fis16\2 e16\2 fis8\2 e4\2 |
\include "../"
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