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Commit 62ad1f98 authored by Júda Ronén's avatar Júda Ronén
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parent baaa0abe
\include "../ĉ"
\header {
titolo-xx = ""
titolo-he = "דו־רה־מי"
titolo-eo = "Do-Re-Mi"
komponisto-xx = ""
komponisto-he = "ריצ׳רד רוג׳רז"
komponisto-eo = "Richard Rodgers"
ikono = "♫"
\include "../"
melodio = {
\key c \major
\time 4/4
\repeat volta 2 {
<c\3>4. <d\3>8 <e\2>4. <c\3>8 |
<e\2>4 <c\3>4 <e\2>2 |
<d\3>4. <e\2>8 <f\2>8 <f\2>8 <e\2>8 <d\3>8 |
<f\2>2. r4 |\break
<e\2>4. <f\2>8 <g\4>4. <e\2>8 |
<g\4>4 <e\2>4 <g\4>2 |
<f\2>4. <g\4>8 <a\1>8 <a\1>8 <g\4>8 <f\2>8 |
<a\1>2. r4 |\break
<g\4>4. <c\3>8 <d\3>8 <e\2>8 <f\2>8 <g\4>8 |
<a\1>2. r4 |
<a\1>4. <d\3>8 <e\2>8 <fis\2>8 <g\4>8 <a\1>8 |
<b\1>2. r4 |\break
<b\1>4. <e\2>8 <fis\2>8 <gis\4>8 <a\1>8 <b\1>8 |
<c'\1>2 r4 <c'\1>8 <b\1>8 |
<a\1>4 <f\2>4 <b\1>4 <g\4>4 |
<c'\1>4 <g\4>4 <e\2>4 <d\3>4 |
<c\3>1 |
\bar "|."
\include "../"
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