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Fixed-Parameter Algorithm for Min-Power Symmetric Connectivity (MPSC)
The MPSC problem searches for optimal transmission power assignments
to wireless network nodes in order to establish a connected wireless
network. Stated formally:
**Input:** A graph _G=(V,E)_ with edge weights _w:E→N_.
**Output:** Power assignments _p:V→N_ with minimum sum so that the subgraph with the vertices _V_ and edges _{{u,v}∈E|min{w({u,v})≤p(u),p(v)}}_ is connected.
The problem is NP hard. This tool computes and optimal solution
with a running time that depends single-exponentially on the number _C_
of connected components of an _obligatory subgraph_ of the input
graph _G_, which consists of edges that can be assumed to be part
of the sought solution. If _C_ is logarithmic, the algorithm
thus runs in polynomial time. The algorithm is presented in
- [Matthias Bentert, René van Bevern, André Nichterlein, Rolf Niedermeier,
Pavel V. Smirnov (2019). Parameterized algorithms for power-efficiently
connecting wireless sensor networks: Theorey and experiments.](
On test instances with few connected components, the algorithm
outperforms state-of-the art integer linear programming models
presented in
- [R. Montemanni and L.M. Gambardella. 2005. Exact algorithms for the minimum power symmetric connectivity problem
in wireless networks. _Computers & Operations Research_ 32(11): 2891–2904.](
Just download a [Zip archive]( or [tar.gz archive]( from Github or clone the project using
git clone
To compile the program (you will need CMake and CPLEX), type
To run the test suite (requires Python)m type
make test
This tool was created by Pavel V. Smirnov, Novosibirsk State University,
supported by project 18-501-12031 NNIO_a,
"Trade-offs in parameterized data reduction",
of the [Russian Foundation for Basic Research](
René van Bevern <>
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