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The X Wallet is a native iOS interface for the experimental digital currency Monero. The X Wallet's goal is to deliver the benefits of the Monero protocol without compromise.
* A six digit PIN is used to control access to your X Wallet.
* A 25 word seed mnemonic is generated when you initialize your X Wallet. This seed is compatible with the [Monero reference client software](
* View your balance and transaction history.
* Send Monero with an optional Payment ID, for transfers to exchanges and other account-based services. Send via QR code scan or by copying and pasting an address.
* Receive Monero via QR code or by copying and pasting your wallet address to a messaging app.
* Connect to the remote node of your choice.
* Quickly delete all application data.
* Change your PIN
* View your seed mnemonic
* Added fiat conversion reference (CHF, EUR, GBP, USD)
* Upgraded default remote node hardware: 16GB/6vCPU
* Upgraded libraries to Monero v0.12
* Built for iOS 11.3
* Send now notifies you if you try to send more than your balance.
* Modified the previous notification.
* Send now displays the estimated fee and computes the total amount you can send.
* Added support for all available fiat currencies.
* Added support for QR codes containing both payment ID and amount.
The X Wallet should be treated as experimental software. Read and follow these instructions carefully, and **use this software at your own risk**.
## Standard installation and initialization procedure
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