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A six digit PIN is used to control access to your X Wallet.
A 25 word seed mnemonic is generated when you initialize your X Wallet. This seed is compatible with the Monero reference client software.
View your balance and transaction history.
Send Monero with an optional Payment ID, for transfers to exchanges and other account-based services. Send via QR code scan or by copying and pasting an address.
Receive Monero via QR code or by copying and pasting your wallet address to a messaging app.
Connect to the remote node of your choice.
Quickly delete all application data.
Change your PIN
View your seed mnemonic
Added fiat conversion reference (CHF, EUR, GBP, USD)
Upgraded default remote node hardware: 16GB/6vCPU
Upgraded libraries to Monero v0.12
Built for iOS 11.3
Send now notifies you if you try to send more than your balance.
Modified the previous notification.
Send now displays the estimated fee and computes the total amount you can send.
Added support for all available fiat currencies.
Added support for QR codes containing both payment ID and amount.
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