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# Picasso
A collaborative 3D painting application.
Join your friends and paint on a [playmat](
-like world!
## Controls
Mouse to look around
`WASD` to move
`Space` to go up
`Shift` to go down
Left-click to paint where you are
Right-click to change your paint color
## FAQ
Quetions you probably have. Prepare for sarcasm.
### How do you erase?
You do not. Real artists do not need to erase!
### How do I change the paint-brush?
You do not. I got lazy and didn't want to implement that.
### The game crashed!
For real though this is a super unfinished game that will probably never
be finished. YMMV and everything may break at any time.
### I found a bug!
Tell me about it in some way through whatever the easiest means of contacting
me you have. All else fails email me at
### The game lags!
Depends if it is network lag or frame lag. To find out press `F3` and look at the
FPS. If it is low that's frame lag and either I need to do better or you need a
new computer. If the FPS is high that's network lag and you need better internet.
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