Commit 3bc90202 authored by Ruben Schade's avatar Ruben Schade
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Remove files after upload

parent d01ddb97
......@@ -34,6 +34,6 @@ convert -resize 1000x563 "video.jpg" -quality 97 -crop 1000x562+0+0 +repage \
convert -resize 500x281 "video.jpg" -quality 97 "yt-$ID@1x.jpg" \
+page "$PLAY1X" -flatten "yt-$ID@1x.jpg"
## Upload files
scp yt-$ID@*jpg $SERVER:$YEAR/
## Upload files and delete on success
scp yt-$ID@*jpg $SERVER:$YEAR/ && rm -rf yt-$ID@*jpg
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