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Artifact Docker image

This is a convenient Docker image for artifact.

Supported tags and their Dockerfile's

Three kinds of tags are available: latest, master and specific versions:

We can reuse our Dockerfile's because we use a clever build hook that's able to dispatch between different versions based on the currently building git refspec.

Possible use cases

This image is perfectly suited as a substitute for installing artifact on your system, or as a tool in GitLab's CI. For an example on this, refer to this repo's .gitlab-ci.yml file, and the corresponding output on GitLab.

You can even think about having GitLab generate artifacts of art export, and have them pushed to a website, or to GitLab pages! For the latter, there's an example in this repo's .gitlab-ci.yml file,


art ls is equivalent to

docker run -v $(pwd):/app --workdir=/app rubdos/artifact

(i.e., the default command of this Docker image is art ls)


docker run -v $(pwd):/app --workdir=/app rubdos/artifact art ls

art check is equivalent to

docker run -v $(pwd):/app --workdir=/app rubdos/artifact art check

In general, you can use all art commands, and docker run -v $(pwd):/app --workdir=/app rubdos/artifact art serves as a substitute for art.