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      Add link to docs · d3d5702e
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      Future-proof a dependency on type inference · d16d6aca
      Michiel De Muynck authored
      In the Rust compiler, a pull request is being considered (see GitHub PR
      rust-lang/rust#41336) that will add support for a += &b (instead of
      only a += b) for numeric types like i64 and f64. This helps when
      writing generic code.
      Unfortunately, this breaks the build of bank, because bank
      currently does the following in a few places in ogm.rs:
      data += input[4..8].parse().map_err(|_| "Quad is not numerical")?;
      Rust is currently able to infer that parse() really means
      parse::<u64>(), because the result eventually gets added to a u64.
      But if the PR on the compiler is accepted, this type inference will no
      longer be possible, because parse() could also be parse::<&'a u64>()
      for some lifetime 'a.
      This commit specifies the output type of parse() explicitly,
      so that it doesn't require any type inference.
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