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Java String Literals vs String object blog in progress

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title: Java String Literal vs String Object
date: 2016-12-26 17:47:02
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Most asked question during your interviews, different between
String s1 = "abc";
String s2 = new String("abc");
Here **s1** string is called as Java String Literal which is created in Heap Space and maintained in a shared memory pool, whereas **s2** string is regular Java String Object created in Heap memory and has nothing to do with shared memory.
In the above scenario, **s1** is literal string and hence if there are same literals available in shared memory pool, then the same is preferred and no new instance is created unlike string **s2** since its an object, so everytime you create the same string object, it will always create a new String Object in memory making in less memory efficient. Refer to below diagram to understand in depth.
![String Literals vs String Objects Diagram Representation](/images/StringLiteralsvsObjects.png)
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