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title: Get On D Line
date: 2014/01/21
Get On D (The) Line, just a phrase from the movie "[Internship](" which I have seen quite ago reminds me of the app they wanted to build for the competition with a catchy phrase "Get On The Line" something like Instagram does but the exact moment we click it and gets on the line. I don't want to get into the movie talks, but what I want to bring your focus is Get Your Self On The Line now.
As a programmer/developer there are tons of ways you can build up your rapport which can help you get a good job, the best way known till date was doing an outstanding project in final year, present the same in interview on which you will be judged, but talking the truth not all actually do the project truly and try to make up a fake impression and get the job, but as always private firms needs result the candidate gets proved wrong and woooo the candidate is out. This trend of interviewing and assuming what skills a candidate can possess is moving from a piece of paper (we call[Résumé]( towards the Online Platform.
Now being in a rapid generation where people think twice before spending any of their time it becomes easy reading stuff online and navigating quickly with few clicks. These clicks are soon going to have capability of judging a candidate based on statistics which is actually going to save lots of time as well as money for any corporation. Who these people are? No other the job portals and recruiting vendors with an advance sophisticated software that helps judge a candidate based on various points, it will also give a comparable display between two candidates if judging gets confused. Companies into Talent Management are trying to provide advanced recruiting application to ease out their work as well as save lots of $$$'s
So, what? Ever heard about [Agile]( Quickly, Agile is a software development methodology which allows to perform small iterations of waterfall methodology cycles and also allows to work more **[collaboratively]( and distributively**. So many fast pace companies believe in collaborative and [distributed working]( as most of the time now employees are located geographically in different regions. This bring's us to a new form of working which is currently called as "Social Coding" wherein people from different region collaborate together and start working on a project which could be [forked]( contributed easily.
This is where our talk comes back on, **Get On D Line**, to represent yourself as a active collaborative member who connects with people and contributes with either his code or great discussions. There are many ways you can collaborate with others outside the world even being in school/college, some of them I will list down ahead. By coming online this way and presenting yourself with good contribution the recruiting applications that are coming up will capture all of this data and bring you up in top list. Check below the list of sites who can help you make a good online profile which makes recruiters getting easy one step near to you.
[![Get On D Line](](
### [CodePen]( / [JSFiddle]( / [PasteBin](
Gotta question that needs to be asked with a snippet to be demoed, you will require a proper medium to store your code and demonstrate to the community with which the question will be understood much more properly, use these Online IDE's that give you a platform of sharing your code in easy way. This is another type of Social Coding that helps you code and share immediately rather maintaining repositories and versions of code, these sites are only good for sharing snippets & not projects.
Also this becomes another type of your profile that shows your work in snippet, often could be used as portfolio for showing out what you can code. CodePen/JSFiddle often could be useful for a JS Developer or UI Developer wherein you write HTML/CSS/JavaScript.
### [Stack Overflow]( / [LinkedIn Groups]( / [Google Groups](
As I said it is not mandatory for creating a profile/rapport you need to code, if you are good at something and someone over these groups have asked a question you could probably answer it in easier way and gain popularity. Stack Overflow & LinkedIn Groups give you badges showing your efforts. Also if someone searches over such questions on Google you get listed again here in several groups. So this approach will actually help you build a stronger rapport that a recruiter might be seeking.
Also, it is again not mandatory that you always answer, there could be times you are stuck in something so you ask question in these group and there are active members who will answer you. If the question comes out-of-box again you are considered as a good thinker for which people give reputation towards you.
So asking as well as answering adds value to the community hence you should be joining in.
### [GitHub]( / [Google Code]( / [BitBucket]( / [Gitorious](
These are web-based [git]( version control system that allows you to create project and maintain its file version on every single [commit]( If you create an exciting project people from other region can contribute onto the project by just doing a[fork]( This also maintains the credits of the original author as well as gives credits to new contributions. They provide a detail summary of the activity you perform with code or discussions which is now seen by recruiters before recruiting any of the applicant if data is available. By getting on the line this way you get a new rapport and get known for your knowledge globally.
But coding is not the only way of contribution, you can also participate in discussions or correction of something that might be wrongly done. So don't lose this opportunity on the right time of collaborative working, you get an idea start working on it it don't hold back. May be people can help you better your idea. May be this idea can sometime turn out to be a great product that helps you as well as the community
### Finally - [Recruiting](
With the latest trend of Social Sourcing a candidate, the above profiles would be used for identifying skills and work of a candidate. These skills will be filtered out & best candidate will be chosen saving time & money of corporate's. So you need to make sure how would you shine up and get the perfect job you wished to.
> ## Don't wait, Get On D Line, and start collaborating
title: My Experience wiith ASP
date: 2015/06/20
For me going school was just a regular day with no path why we are doing this until I met Claira Miss, in sixth standard, where I learnt importance of education and started scoring good since sixth standard but the path was not clear yet. Why are we studying, it was regular mugging up and scoring goods.
Till seventh Claira Miss boosted a lot of performance in me and she had to leave due to personal reasons which again made me lost in eight standard with no guide around me, I tried approaching to ASP during my 8th standard but due to less seats I was unfortunate. But I tried it again during my 9th standard and got admission with “**Amul Sir’s Private Tutorials**” where the journey began.
![Amul Sirs Private](
> ### Amul Sir the lead visionary of students @ASP focused in teaching the grounds up mostly in Mathematical and Scientific area defines a great path for students.
Sir always used to focus on what we will be doing ahead in life hence he was pretty sure to build every individuals foundation in stronger way by his excellent motivation and pushing individual beyond limits to become pacer in his own life, that’s a way he had introduced in our batch to highlight individual among everyone for not only scoring but for various other reasons, still I was never good at “scores” but sir let me be there once, it was a great motivation, I still remember it.
Mathematics and Physics the love of Amul Sir, inspired us as well with deep passion towards the field of Science. It was not just learn, but we learnt it with a purpose.
#### A purpose to achieve something out with Science.
#### A purpose to be a self learner
#### A purpose to be a continuous seeker within us
I still remember our first ever seminar in classes with Amul Sir and Richa Miss, though we were not prepared but our group’s tie shined in class :wink:
Sir’s guidance towards every student is like an elder parent, he keeps a close eye on every student like a parent, where he applause for the right and corrects for the wrong, he is just the best.
Under guidance of Amul sir, we got a passion of achievement something in life and he brought us on the right path. The loves towards Science and Maths increased due to Amul Sir has now led me to become a good Software Engineer.
All my achivement credits, I share with three of my ideal teachers in life
**Claira Miss** – for giving a light up in my life towards education.
**[Amul Sir](** – for putting up the passion of achieving success and gaining more love towards Science with Logics.
**[Rajesh Patkar Sir](** – for fine tuning me into the field of Software Engineering with excellent Methodologies
With this long post, I want to thanks sir once again for all the goodies and I love to share my credits to him for what I am today and wish him a very Happy Birthday, sorry for wishing so late, but always proud to be your student.
Just to end with a quote that suites sir the best
> ### “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
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title: Success Story: Vartak Integrity 2014
date: 2014/01/17
11th January 2014, [Vartak Integrity 2014]( a tech-cult annual festival of [Vartak College]([Vasai Road]( ended with a great success carrying out various cultural exciting events. **Dr. Satish A. Joshi Principal of Vartak College, Head of Information Technology Department Mrs. Sushma V. Brahmankar & Head of Computer Science Department Mrs. Srimathi Narayanan** inaugurated the 3 days event on 9th January 2014 with an exciting speech by Principal producing an enthusiasm in the youngsters to not only participate but also to enjoy the event to the fullest anticipating the legend within individual. The first day started with Rangoli the most fascinating event that collaborates beauty of colors and arts, many teams participated and created beautiful artistic rangoli's, I specially enjoy watching the beautiful art by participants.
<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" align="center">
<td>[![Vartak Integrity 2014 - Building Wide Banner]( "Vartak Integrity 2014 - Building Wide Banner")](</td>
<td>Photo Courtesy - [Hardik Arora](</td>
[![Welcome Integrity Rangoli]( "Welcome Integrity Rangoli")]([Viraj Raut]( & Integrity's [core committee](, played a crucial part in leading the entire event in right direction of success managing lots of hurdles that came across. Their collaborative working proved without a proper well-focused team achieving success is not possible. Also as every year there is hidden efforts that goes out unsang the teachers who plan, help out and also try to keep up every student's study unaffected while organizing the event, without their efforts the event would never have been a great success and the non-teaching staff who regularly actively involves their great contribution in organizing the festival.
First day started with technical, lan-gaming & indoor/outdoor events, Second day had a great fun in outdoor events & final rounds of technical/lan-gaming. Third day had a blast with great cultural events like Dance competition, Fashion Show, Mr & Ms Integrity and the in-between funny timepass rounds everything was greatly scripted, organized and managed. But this could never have been possible without the participation of the students from various colleges, this year Integrity 2014 had around 50+ college's from Mumbai & Thane district and some came from far like Dhanu and Mumbra region with a count made up of 1800-2100 students participating in various events. For any event's success participation is must and I should say Technical rounds also had a good number of participation, great work Integrity Marketing & Publishing Team.
Sponsors are always the heart of event with again [Sai Ashirwad]([Union Bank]([NIIT]([Andrades]( continuing their support for the third year in a row was a great contribution, also this year for the first time Integrity was supported with caterers from outside which was very cool decision by Principal & Teachers, providing quality and better food provisions for students those are coming for participation from various colleges.
I should admit, even after a last moment change in location for cultural events the Integrity Core Team worked late night and prepared each and everything from building up the entire stage and setting up great sound system & lights, without this third day wouldn't have rocked the way it did, great workout Team & DJ Hitesh.
Now [Integrity on its 5th year celebrating a tribute towards the legend]( surely proved lots legend exist in several individuals & recognized the right talent in several events and finally rewarding [G.G. College](, Vasai with the Best College of the Year Trophy, this trophy is given to the college scoring maximum points by winning in several events, a tough competition was given by [Tolani College]( but G.G. managed to win with good amount of points.
Integrity for me is the moment we wait for the entire year which gives us another chance to meet our teachers, friends, the non-teaching staff, everyone along with lots of enjoyment in the event.
_Also there happened a mistake accidentally coz of me, was not willing for it sorry ma'am I am not sure if you are hurt, but I strongly apologize for the same and I promise we are the students of Vartak college and we are no strangers._
Getting back in college every time makes everyone of us feel that "Now we are really back home!!!" :D
Every year Integrity has matured and proved to be a successful event and **Integrity **also broke the barriers of communication between students. Now students from various grades know each other and collaborate together very well, coz of Integrity students get a chance to improve their public communication, build relations, market strategically, lead people properly and the main thing supporting each other in every cause.
**Integrity has built-up a great unity among students and teachers****Long Live Vartak Integrity**!!!!!!!
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title: Vartak Integrity 2014 - Tribute to the Legends
date: 2014/01/05
[Vartak Integrity]( a Tech-Cult Fest of Vartak College (Vasai Road) organised by B.Sc. & M.Sc. Information Technology and Computer Science department after having FOUR successfully years of journey on it's FIFTH year they have decided to give a "Tribute To The Legends" and **help bring out a legend in individuals** with the help of various events they have placed allowing them to represent themselves on Integrity's platform where Events from [Technical](,[Cultural]([Indoor]([Outdoor]( & [Lan Gaming]( events are organized.
Vartak Integrity Timeline
Began journey as an inter-collegiate festival organized by M.Sc. department with active participation from various departments of college
Took a step ahead and journey aheaded towards inter-college festival for the first time organized by B.Sc. & M.Sc. I.T. & C.S. department with M.Sc. leading the event, was a great success with active participation from 10+ colleges in various events
A major step in Integrity's journey by introducing themselves to 200+ colleges across Mumbai & Thane, organized by B.Sc. & M.Sc. I.T. & C.S. and leaded by B.Sc. I.T. This was Vartak College's first biggest event in the history by capturing a total number of 60+ colleges in various event. Also the event was inaugurated by **[Rajesh Patkar Sir]( my guru and a great professor who teaches with passion in latest technologies in I.T.** & [Dr. Ramesh K Jadhav]( an economist.
The journey took a turn with introducing a theme which integrates talent as well as aware's people about a topic they should be knowing or taking care of and this time it started with "**Go Green**". The team went out publicly to perform skit telling why today's generation should "Go Green" and it was marvellous event bring in a great participation from various colleges.
Now the journey continues on its 5<sup>th</sup> fascinating year with a theme for the legends, "**A Tribute to the Legends**". The team has put on its rocking hard efforts and are waiting for the day the fun begins. This year they have taken a great step and also have launched out its first Official Trailer - I would say a teaser to the audience. This year its gonna rock more, so guys lets join in the fun and try bringing out the legend within us.
<iframe src="" width="480" height="270" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" data-mce-fragment="1"></iframe>
If you liked the teaser, do share it and register now - [](
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