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Type: Book
Title: Heavily Opinionated Manifesto on Reproducible and Open Science Projects.
Imports: bookdown
Remotes: rstudio/bookdown
License: CCBY-4.0
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- "Ahmed Hasan"
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description: "Heavily Opinionated Manifesto on Reproducible and Open Science Projects"
> Note: This document is still in active development, so text may and will likely
change as we work to completing it.
# Overview
```{r, include=FALSE, eval=FALSE}
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.packages(), 'bookdown', 'knitr', 'rmarkdown'
), 'packages.bib')
## Vision
Our dream is a future where the default for science is to be reproducible and
open. We hope that one day, researchers will conduct their scientific activities
following open scientific principles not as an active choice but because it is
the proper and *easier* way of doing science.
Our focus is in three branches: software, teaching, and support networks.
- For our software, we aim to automate what we can, simplify and streamline the
rest. We aspire to be similar to [devtools][^devtools], which is an R software
package designed to make it easier to create other R packages, for doing
reproducible and open science.
- For our learning material, we aspire to be a "go to" reference for learning
the *exact steps and processes* for doing reproducible and open science, and for
knowing and staying updated on which tools and services to use.
- For our support network, we hope to link and connect with all the amazing
research groups throughout the world who are working hard to practice and
promote reproducible and open science. Through this connection, we hope that it
will provide others with real-world examples and role models for how science
should be done.
We are (mostly) biomedical researchers, so our main focus and expertise is in
biomedical science.
## Mission
To acheive our vision, our mission is to create a highly opinionated, practical,
and process-oriented ecosystem of software tools and accompanying documentation,
tutorials, and learning materials, supported by a network of practitioners
(researchers), that informs on how to conduct open and reproducible science.
Our mission is divided into multiple parts based on the organizations' branches:
- Software: We aim to create an ecosystem of interconnected packages and software
tools, by either developing these tools or by linking existing ones. This ecosystem
of tools aims to reduce the burden on researchers in conducting open and reproducible
science through automation and programming. We hope to emulate the principles
and structure of the [tidyverse] ecosystem, as they are a great role model for
creating a functioning and solid ecosystem.
- Learning material: (still being developed.)
- Support network: (still being developed.)
In all project branches, our aim is to design the software and learning material
to be comprehensive, carefully considered, and scientifically-informed by emphasizing
usability and simplicity.
Our current focus is on the data analysis and publication side of scientific
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\huge A Generalized and Structured Analytical Workflow (GSAW) for Reproducible and Openly Scientific (ROS) Projects
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\author{Luke Johnston, Joel Östblom, Ahmed Hasan}
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