Commit 7fda67ba authored by Joel Ostblom's avatar Joel Ostblom

Clarify analytic and writing platforms

parent 64e25dc3
......@@ -28,7 +28,8 @@ explanations and comparisons between tools, services, and workflows.
- **File management and version control**: [Git], combined with [GitHub] or [GitLab]
- **Statistical and/or programming language**: [R] or [Python]
- **For writing documents**: [Pandoc Markdown] (e.g. [R Markdown])
- **Analytic and writing platform**: [RStudio] (for R) or [JupyterLab] (for Python)
- **Analytic platform**: [RStudio] (for R) or [JupyterLab] (for Python)
- **Writing platform**: [RStudio]
- **Dissemination** for getting a DOI and for discoverability:
- **Code and other project files**: [Zenodo]
- **Preprint manuscripts**: [bioRxiv] or [PeerJ Preprints] or [OSF Preprints]
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