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ROS checklist to help guide our functions to build

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......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ Title: Heavily Opinionated Manifesto on Reproducible and Open Science Projects.
Remotes: rstudio/bookdown
License: CCBY-4.0
......@@ -204,4 +204,25 @@ All current and future tools, services, and workflows incorporated into a
ROS project template must be based on these guiding principles and
TODO: Include guiding principles for creating teaching material
TODO: Include guiding principles for creating teaching material?
## ROS principles as a checklist
Inspiration from [Software Sustainability Institute blog](,
[blog by Jonathan Peelle](,
and from the [Transparency Checklist](
(DOI: 10.1038/s41562-019-0772-6).
<!-- "Read more" in the column will contain links to where to read more about that item -->
options(knitr.kable.NA = "")
checklist <-
stringsAsFactors = FALSE,
check.names = FALSE)
knitr::kable(checklist, align = "l") %>%
kable_styling(c("striped", "hover"))
Item,Read more:,Done? (Y/N),Why not?
Indicate software dependencies,,,
Analysis code linked to open/simulated data,,,
Use standard project folder and file structure,,,
"Document (slides, poster, manuscript, etc) written reproducibly",,,
Provide explicit analysis steps taken,,,
Files under version control,,,
Code documented and explained,,,
Clearly label input and output data/results,,,
Follow code syntax style guide,,,
Run and pass spell checking,,,
Results reproduced on a clean computing environment,,,
Computing environment described,,,
List of all software tools used,,,
Data assertion checks (data passes expectations),,,
"Make data publicly available, with DOI",,,
"Make data analysis (code) publicly available, with DOI",,,
Submit preprint,,,
"Pre-register study, with DOI",,,
"Pre-register analysis, with DOI",,,
License analysis code (MIT or similar),,,
License scientific content (CC-BY or similar),,,
Publish in open access journal,,,
"Make slides/poster publicly available, with DOI",,,
Manuscript contains all relevant URL/DOI,,,
Software and analysis methods used are open source,,,
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