Commit 00ced9d8 authored by Luke Johnston's avatar Luke Johnston

add ref to doi and add a couple more items

parent 14f1200d
......@@ -19,9 +19,11 @@ Data assertion checks (data passes expectations),,,
"Make data publicly available, with DOI",,,
"Make data analysis (code) publicly available, with DOI",,,
Submit preprint,,,
Pre-register study,,,
Pre-register analysis,,,
"Pre-register study, with DOI",,,
"Pre-register analysis, with DOI",,,
License analysis code (MIT or similar),,,
License scientific content (CC-BY or similar),,,
Publish in open access journal,,,
"Make slides/poster publicly available, with DOI",,,
Manuscript contains all relevant URL/DOI,,,
Software and analysis methods used are open source,,,
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