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# Want to contribute? 

Great! `r emo::ji("tada")` Thanks for your interest in improving this project! 
At this stage, we would very
much appreciate input on [the ideas laid out in the
manifesto]( Please open a new issue or
reach out to us on Gitter with your feedback (links below).

In general, the best way to get in touch to discuss new ideas is to [open a new
or reach out via the [Gitter chat]( If
you want to see what we are currently working on, you can look at [the issue
list]( Remember to follow the
[Code of Conduct]( when you participate in this project! :smiley:

## Want to be more involved? Here are more ways to help!

This document outlines how to contribute to manifesto repository of the ROStools
project. Here are a few ways that you can contribute:

- Creating a [New Issue] within the [manifesto repository] on ideas or thoughts you may
have about the project
- Check out the [Issues Board] for an overview of what is being worked on and 
what you could work on that others aren't
- Participating in discussions on existing [Issues]
- Depending on your interest and level of desired commitment, you can try to
tackle [`Difficulty: Low`]-labeled Issues (or any Issues!)

[`Difficulty: Low`]:
[New Issue]:
[Issues Board]:
[manifesto repository]:

### Prerequisites

Before you make a substantial pull request, you should always file an issue and
make sure someone from the team agrees that it’s a problem.

### Pull request process

- We recommend that you create a Git branch for each merge request (MR).
- We use [Markdown] to write the documents as [R Markdown] files, then we use
[bookdown] to generate the website (the website is generated automatically 

[R Markdown]:

## Submitting 

### Code of Conduct

Please note that the manifesto project is released with a [Contributor Code of
Conduct]( By contributing to this project you agree to abide
by its terms.

## Participating in Issue discussions `r emo::ji("thought_balloon")` `r emo::ji("question")`

Helping to contribute can be as simple as giving feedback or suggestions or thoughts about a topic or issue. 
You'll need a GitLab account to add your comments to the [Issues] on the [manifesto repository].
As always, make sure to adhere to the [Code of Conduct](

## Adding to the material `r emo::ji("pencil")` `r emo::ji("computer")`

The material and website are created using [bookdown](,
which renders the R Markdown documents and converts the source material into a static website. 
The content is written in [Markdown] format in either a Markdown `.md` file
or in an [R Markdown] `.Rmd` file, so this is the format you would need to use to
add to the content.

Anyone can contribute to the course repository via [merge requests][merge-requests].
Please use [the GitLab flow style][gitlab-flow] to manage changes:

1. Create a [fork][fork-explanation] of the repository, and
[clone][clone-explanation] it to your local computer.
2. In your local copy of this repository, create a new
3. Commit your changes to that branch.
4. Push the edits on that branch to your fork of the course repository.
5. Submit a pull request to the master repository (`rostools/manifesto`).
7. If you receive feedback on your pull request, make further commits to the new
branch on your fork. These will automatically be added to your pull request.

## Acknowledgements

Parts of the file were modified from the [UofTCoders]( 
contributing guidelines.