Commit effe4171 authored by Jamie A. Jennings's avatar Jamie A. Jennings

Enhanced the valgrind test

parent 79f8b002
# temporary files with repo commit ids, written by the run script
# large data files for testing
import all, date, time, net, word, num
~ = [:space:]+
message = .*
datetime = { date.rfc3339 "T" time.rfc3339 }
syslog = datetime net.ipv4 {word.any "[""]:"} message
-- Compare syslog to this:
anything = (all.thing){7} message
......@@ -10,8 +10,14 @@ RUN dnf -y update && dnf install -y \
libbsd \
# Must symlink or copy these test files into the docker directory
COPY syslog100k /opt/data/
COPY syslog-2018-09-05.rpl /opt/data/
# This COPY is designed to trigger re-running the git clone when the repo changes.
COPY githead-$branch /opt/githead-$branch
RUN git clone --recursive --depth 1 --branch $branch /opt/rosie
WORKDIR /opt/rosie
......@@ -21,7 +27,8 @@ RUN make install
# Here is one simple invocation of valgrind, just to make sure it
# works. Get an interactive shell to this container to run more tests.
RUN valgrind --leak-check=full rosie match -o json all.things test/resolv.conf
RUN valgrind --leak-check=full rosie -f /opt/data/syslog-2018-09-05.rpl match -o byte syslog /opt/data/syslog100k >/dev/null
RUN uname -a
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