Commit 9c74a43c authored by Jamie A. Jennings's avatar Jamie A. Jennings

Updated for version 1.2 release

parent 0502da3d
2019-07-14 Jamie Jennings <>
* 1.2.0:
ENHANCED: Documentation for librosie in doc/
EXPERIMENTAL: Support for backreferences, see the file
extra/examples/backref.rpl for examples.
NEW: rpl/re.rpl with patterns for people who know regex and want to use
a similar set of short names, e.g. \s in regex is re.s in RPL.
NEW: rpl/char.rpl with a few patterns for processing UTF-8 and ASCII
characters. These could be extended in future, e.g. for UTF-16.
REFACTOR: Internal change to how RPL infix expressions, e.g. A/B, are
parsed. New technique implements Dykstra's "Shunting Yard" algorithm.
The change in the grammar caused the RPL language version number to
increment to RPL 1.3.
REFACTOR: The unit testing code that implements the "rosie test" command
has been significantly refactored.
CHANGED: The way unit test results are printed has been enhanced to
include more information.
ENHANCED: The CLI now accepts "--help" everywhere. The "rosie help"
command is still the intended way to get help.
REFACTOR: The first set of steps towards loading compiled patterns from
disk have been implemented.
FIXED: Misc small unreported bugs. See commit log for details.
2019-03-11 Jamie Jennings <>
* 1.1.0:
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