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......@@ -87,10 +87,21 @@ place it in double quotes, like string literals in other programs.)
## Installing
- [x] Build from source (see [local installation](#local-installation) below)
- [X] [Brew installer for Mac OS X](
- [ ] RPM and debian packages
### Repository organization
Releases are tagged, e.g. `v1.1.0`. The head of the master branch is always the
latest release plus any post-release documentation updates (which will be folded
into the next release).
The dev branch should be a stable working development build, possibly with some
quirks and likely with out-of-date documentation. If you are a contributor, you
probably want to be running the latest dev branch.
### Build dependencies
Tools: git, make, gcc/cc <br>
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
## Language Reference
The [Rosie Pattern Language Reference](doc/ defines the pattern language
The [Rosie Pattern Language Reference]( defines the pattern language
apart from the Rosie implementation.
......@@ -11,8 +11,8 @@ apart from the Rosie implementation.
Some command line [examples](../extra/examples/ are available, and
others can be found in blog posts on the [Rosie home page](
See also an [html version](doc/man/rosie.1.html) of the Rosie CLI
[man page](doc/man/rosie.1).
See also an [html version](man/rosie.1.html) of the Rosie CLI
[man page](man/rosie.1).
## Using the REPL
......@@ -22,16 +22,18 @@ See the [REPL documentation](doc/
## Using the API
Use Rosie in your own programs! Until this section is complete, see the
high-level notes [in this section](#api-help) below.
Use Rosie in your own programs!
If you are looking for language bindings for **librosie**, you'll find them in
the [Rosie Community / Clients](
- Available language libraries
- Full api documentation
If you are writing a language binding, or improving one, see the
[**librosie** API documentation](
## Project extras
- [Syntax highlighting](../extra) for some editors
- Sample [docker files](../extra/docker) for various distros.
- Some interesting [quotes about regex](quotes.txt) and related topics
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