Commit 12e724ff authored by Jamie A. Jennings's avatar Jamie A. Jennings
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Enhanced logging during initialization to aid debugging

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......@@ -141,7 +141,10 @@ static int set_bootscript() {
LOGf("install filename is %s\n", install_filename);
real_install_filename = realpath(install_filename, NULL);
LOGf("realpath returned %s\n", real_install_filename);
if (!real_install_filename) return 0; /* ERR */
if (!real_install_filename) {
LOGf(" and set errno to %d\n", errno);
return 0; /* ERR */
real_install_dir = dirname(real_install_filename); /* dirname may modify its arg */
LOGf("real install_dir is %s\n", real_install_dir);
last = stpncpy(last, real_install_dir, (size_t) remaining);
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