Commit e72458e1 authored by Roberto Rosario's avatar Roberto Rosario

Improve changelog.

Signed-off-by: Roberto Rosario's avatarRoberto Rosario <>
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......@@ -2,24 +2,24 @@
- Add development setup. Make file to setup, check and render the repository.
- Start new release cycle.
- Added new CRM category.
- django-crm added to the CRM category.
- django simple pagination added to other category.
- django-ses-gateway added to Email section.
- django-payu added to the payment processing section.
- Update django-must-watch repository URL.
- demo-allauth-bootstrap added to the boilerplate section.
- Update django-storages's URL.
- Update django-admin-bootstrap repository URL.
- Update django-webpack-loader repository URL.
- Update django-silk repository URL.
- Update django-push-notifications repository URL.
- Update django-ses-gateway repository URL.
- Add new CRM category.
- Add django-crm, customer relationship management dashboard to the CRM category.
- Add django-simple-pagination, simple Django app for digg-style pagination to other category.
- Add django-email-gateway, a django package which act as a gateway to send emails from SES to Email section.
- Add django-payu, A Django app that provides integration between Django and PayU Payment Gateway to the payment processing section.
- Update the django-must-watch repository URL.
- Add demo-allauth-bootstrap, Django sample app with users including social auth via Django-AllAuth to the boilerplate section.
- Update the django-storages repository URL.
- Update the django-admin-bootstrap repository URL.
- Update the django-webpack-loader repository URL.
- Update the django-silk repository URL.
- Update the django-push-notifications repository URL.
- Update the django-ses-gateway repository URL.
- Rename django-ses-gateway to django-email-gateway according to upstream repository.
- Update django-rq repository URL.
- Update Djen of Django URL.
- Update the django-rq repository URL.
- Update the Djen of Django URL.
- Update the Test-Driven Web Development with Python Book URL.
- Whitelist
- Add django-user-sessions to the security section.
- Add django-user-sessions, extension that allows enumerating all user's sessions to the security section.
- Add djoser, a REST implementation of Django authentication system to the authentication section.
- Add djangoql, Advanced search language for Django to the search section.
- Add djangoql, advanced search language for Django to the search section.
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