Commit a9cd0d44 authored by Roberto Rosario's avatar Roberto Rosario

Add django-macros-url by @PhpDude.

Signed-off-by: Roberto Rosario's avatarRoberto Rosario <>
parent 57c2dece
......@@ -528,6 +528,7 @@ phone numbers.
* [django-gravatar2]( - Essential Gravatar support for Django. Features helper methods, templatetags and a full test suite!
* [django-hackathon-starter]( - A boilerplate for Django web applications, containing various social authentication methods and several popular API examples.
* [django-ipware]( - A Django application to retrieve user's IP address.
* [django-macros-url]( - Django Macros URL. Routing must be simple as possible.
* [django-magic-embed]( - an easy and simple Django template tag and tool to embed video and get thumbnails from video providers.
* [django-markitup]( - A Django reusable application for end-to-end markup handling.
* [django-mmc]( - App for monitoring management commands on Django..
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