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README for build-latest-mpd-for-debian
The `make-debian-mpd-chroot` bash script creates a virgin debian chroot,
which is started as a virtual machine and automagically builds the
latest [mpd (music player daemon)]( package
for Debian.
The resulting package is copied back from the virtual
machine to the directory where the script was started, so it can be
ditributed and installed to a [Debian host designed for high quality
music playback](
It is intended to be run on a non-debian system, like arch. Users of
debian and ubuntu may be better of using
[`git-buildpackage`]( for
this purpose.
This script was designed to have a minimal amount of external
dependencies on the host that will be used as the build
environment. Besides
which is installed by default in any modern linux distribution, it
only depends on `debootstrap`.
Availability of `debootstrap` on foreign distros:
* arch: [`debootstrap`]( (in the Arch User Repository)
* fedora/centos/redhat: [`debootstrap`](
* gentoo: [`debootstrap`](
Download the main script and run `make-debian-mpd-chroot` as root (or using sudo):
export scriptname="make-debian-mpd-chroot"
export url="${scriptname}"
wget -q "${url}" || curl -s -k -o "${scriptname}" "${url}"
sudo bash ${scriptname}
After building the chroot (using `debootstrap`), the main script
(`make-debian-mpd-chroot`) downloads another helper script
(`build-latest-debian-mpd-package`) inside the chroot and adds it to
the root users `~/.profile`. Furthermore, it modifies the
chroot to automatically logon the root user. This way, after the
script starts the virtual machine with the chroot as its environment,
the helper script is automatically run.
The main script then uses the [lightweight virtualization features of
systemd]( to spawn
a temporary host.
The helper script inside the chroot makes optimal usage of the [debian
package building
environment]( and the
work done by the package maintainer. Using
[`debian/watch`](, `uupdate` and
the [official git repository for package
maintenance](, the
latest mpd source packages are downloaded and build using
When `debbuild` is successful, the helper scripts shuts the virtual
machine down, and the main script copies the generated binary mpd
package to it's local directory. After this, the chroot serves no real
purpose and may be destroyed by the user.
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