Commit b900eb32 authored by Mike Rockétt's avatar Mike Rockétt

ignore sitemap options when config does not allow it

parent 4ab887cc
......@@ -111,6 +111,18 @@ trait BuilderTrait
// Get the saved options for this page
$pageSitemapOptions = $this->modules->getConfig($this, "o{$page->id}");
// If the template that this page belongs to is not using sitemap options
// (per the module's current configuration), then we need to revert the keys
// in $pageSitemapOptions to their defaults so as to prevent their
// saved options from being used in this cycle.
if ($this->sitemap_include_templates !== null
&& !in_array($page->template->name, $this->sitemap_include_templates)
&& is_array($pageSitemapOptions)) {
array_walk_recursive($pageSitemapOptions, function(&$value) {
$value = false;
// If the page is viewable and not excluded or we’re working with the root page,
// begin generating the sitemap by adding pages recursively. (Root is always added.)
if ($page->viewable() && ($page->path === '/' || !$pageSitemapOptions['excludes']['page'])) {
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