RELEASE News of simspark-0.2

In this release you can find some bug and compilation fixes, improved Windows support and some new features including a new sensor and features to facilitate agent debugging and development. It also provides a more deterministic behavior for agents which should make them more reliable.

New features:
  • An Accelerometer sensor which reports the linear acceleration
  • A "Sync Mode" operation is introduced. In this mode, the server will not advance to the next cycle until all connected agents send a (syn) command to the server. You can use this mode by setting agentSyncMode to true in simspark.rb (or spark.rb)
  • Simulator will run in simulation time mode instead of real time if useRealTime variable is set to false in simspark.rb (or spark.rb)
More deterministic agent-server communication
  • Simspark will now collect received commands right before sending sense data of the last cycle. So, any commands which is sent by agents after receiving new sense data will be executed in the next cycle, not the current one. This results in a more deterministic behavior, and agents' efficiency should not change between remote and local runs considerably.
More convenience:
  • Simspark should always accept connections. No more "Connection refused" messages and the need to wait for simspark's network port to be freed!
  • To make changes to most of the resource files (e.g. simspark.rb), you can create a copy in ~/.simspark directory and make desired changes there. The directory structure of the original files should be preserved (e.g. rsg/agent/nao/nao.rsg)
  • Compilation fixes
  • Fixed some rendering bugs (agents not visible through goals)