RELEASE News of simspark-0.2.2

This release features many small enhancements which will benefit users. It contains many bug fixes and performance improvements, in addition to fixing some compilation issues. The behavior of ACC perceptor has been slightly changed, and the multi-threaded mode should work without any known bugs. Support for the camera sensor is improved too. More details are as follows:

  • ACC sensor provides raw data without any pre-processing.
    You can apply the following filter to 'RawACC' value received from the simulator to get ACC value as what you'd receive in previous versions:
    ACC = 0.9 * ACC + (0.1) * RawACC
  • Using base64 encoding for camera perceptor
  • Fixed bugs in multi-threaded mode.
  • Compilation fixes
  • HingePerceptor can report torque
  • Better Performance
  • New timing system result in more cleaner code and prevent wasting CPU time
  • Do not block on sending data to clients. Previously, simulator would block on send() until it can send all data to clients.