RELEASE News of rcssserver3d-0.6.8

This release mainly comes with two new features: 1. labeling hear messages with team names so that it is clear which team the message comes from. 2. Score reporting. A few bug fixes are also included.

Hear message labeling:
  • Now hear messages include team names - Ex: (hear teamName 9 10 text)
Score Reporting:
  • Example: (GS (unum 8) (team left) (sl 1) (sr 2) (t 0.00) (pm BeforeKickOff))
New Options in naosoccersim.rb:
  • LabelMessages - Toggles on/off labeling of messages (default on)
  • ReportScores - Toggles on/off score reporting (default on)
  • MaxRobotTypeCount - Maximum number of any one robot type that may be used (default 7 and can be set to 11 to preserve 2013 competition behavior)
  • MinRobotTypesCount - Minimum number of robot types that must be used for a full team (default 3 and can be set to 1 to preserve 2013 competition behavior)
  • MaxSumTwoRobotTypes - The maximum sum of robots for any two robot types (default 9 but can be set to 11 to preserve 2013 competition behavior)
Other changes:
  • Robot type checking to ensure that enough robot types (3) are used and that not too many of any one (7) or two (9) types is used.
  • Updating naorobottypes.rb with robot types used in 2013 competitions
  • Clear Players in GoalLeft/Right before kickoff to make sure that opponent doesn't touch ball at the middle of the field.
  • Don't enforce crowding rules on kickoff, since opponent should not come near the ball